HOW DID THE MCNEIL LIBERALS PROCLAMATION OF BILL 148 AFFECT US? 1. Regardless of classification or which hospital we work in, we have an imposed 4-year wage restraint of no increase for the first two years (0% and 0%), 1%, 1.5% and 0.5% on the last day of the fourth year. This is not a wage pattern agreed to by … Read More

Bargaining Update – May 1, 2017

CUPE Members on the Health Care Council Bargaining Committee spent another four days at the table working to conclude a new collective agreement for members of Local 8920 and the other members of the Council. The Council of Unions Executive Committee has decided to begin bargaining with the Health Care Council.  Once that is complete, bargaining will begin for Administrative … Read More

Bargaining Update – March 21, 2017

Yesterday, the Health Care Council of Unions, the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and the IWK Health Centre completed a round of mediation, at the request of the Labour Board, which has resulted in an agreement to re-start bargaining toward a new collective agreement. The Council of Unions (made up of NSGEU, Unifor, CUPE and NSNU health care workers across … Read More

CUPE 8920 Health Care Bargaining Update January 2017

CUPE 8920 Health Care Bargaining Update Dear Sisters and Brothers: The Health Care Bargaining Council, which includes members of the CUPE 8920 bargaining committee, has made a formal bargaining complaint on Thursday, January 19, 2017, against your employer with the Labour Board. Bargaining between the Nova Scotia Council of Health Care Unions and the NSHA and IWK has stalled because … Read More

Bargaining Update – November 21, 2016

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Bargaining between the Nova Scotia Council of Health Care Unions and the NSHA and IWK has stalled because the Employers have taken the unprecedented step of simply refusing to tell the Unions what they are proposing for several key aspects of the new collective agreements. The Council of Unions bargaining committee is made up of six … Read More

Health Care Bargaining – October 7, 2016

October 7, 2016 Good afternoon, The Health Care Bargaining Council, including the members of your bargaining committee, met on Monday, October 3rd to exchange bargaining proposals with employer representatives. This is a very unique round of bargaining because of legislation passed by the Liberal government, which significantly impacts the way we bargain. As a result of the new Health Authorities … Read More