Education Guidelines

Along with the SECTION 17 Education, the following guidelines will be enforced to minimize costs and to best serve the needs of the membership.

All Local 8920 members are eligible to attend CUPE workshops in the Dartmouth/Halifax geographical location.

Local 8920 members who reside within 250 kms of a geographical location other than Dartmouth/Halifax where a CUPE workshop is being held are eligible to attend.

The Executive Board in consultation with the Education Coordinator can make the determination of a need and/or repeat for specific workshops for 8920 members.

The Education Coordinator shall arrange this in as convenient location as possible.

Acceptance will be based on past education and needs of the local The Steward Learning Series counts as 1 of the 5 per year, however to attend you must need at least 2 of the 3 modules offered to attend.

The Weeklong School counts as two of the 5 per year. Special consideration will be given to immediate educational needs to carry out your role in the local.

* The registration Form located on the CUPE 8920 website is the only accepted way of registering for attendance and having expenses covered. 2024 Scheduled Workshops are can be viewed on website.