Local 8920 Elections and Acclamation’s 2018

Local 8920 Elections and Acclamation’s 2018

Area Election Committee

As per Section 9 C of CUPE local 8920 By-Laws (approved Oct 2017)
A committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board, who, in conjunction with the CUPE National Representative, will process the nominations and prepare for the election, including the preparation of ballots for Executive Board positions. Members interested in being on the Elections Committee should express their interest to the Executive Board by March 1st of each year. Site elections will be dealt with by the Area Vice-President at the March meeting.

Following the rules of CUPE local 8920 By-Laws there is a need for an election committee to be formed in Area 4 and Area 8.

Any member with in these 2 Areas who wishes to put their name forward should do so before the March 1st deadline.

Please email your name and what Area you are from to

Thank you to all members who partake in their democratic right

Education Opportunities


                           Education Guidelines

  • Along with the Bylaws section 17 Education, the following guidelines will be enforced to minimize costs and to best serve the needs of the membership.
  • All Local 8920 members are eligible to attend CUPE workshops in the Dartmouth/Halifax geographical location.
  • Local 8920 members who reside within 250 kms of a geographical location other than Dartmouth/Halifax where a CUPE workshop is being held are eligible to attend.
  • The Executive Board in consultation with the Education Coordinator can make the determination of a need and/or repeat for specific workshops for 8920 members.
  • The Education Coordinator shall arrange this in as convenient location as possible.
  • The registration form located on the CUPE 8920 website is the only accepted way of registering for attendance and having expenses covered.
  • Acceptance will be based on past education and needs of the local The Steward Learning Series counts as 1 of the 5 per year, however to attend you must need at least 2 of the 3 modules offered to attend.
  • The Weeklong School counts as two of the 5 per year. Special consideration will be given to immediate educational needs to carry out your role in the local.


We love and value our Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 8920 members because they work hard to protect labor rights and keep rural Nova Scotia hospitals running.
We appreciate them so much, in fact, that we recently decided to hold a contest specifically for CUPE 8920 members.

Union members simply entered their policy information along with their renewal date which gave them the chance to win 1 of 8 $100 gift cards to their local grocery store.

CUPE 8920 Winners

Here are the 8 lucky winners of our latest contest.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you, 8920, for all your hard work. Make sure to stay tuned for new contests from Higgins Insurance.

Member update on health care bargaining

Member update on health care bargaining

Member update on health care bargaining


November 28, 2017

The Nova Scotia Council of Health Care Unions, NSHA and IWK have completed three days of conciliation and plan to meet again in January for another five days. The last three days provided good discussion and some important progress towards a new collective agreement. However, a lot of work remains.

The parties have held 27 bargaining dates in total now, as they work to conclude a very complex set of negotiations that require bringing together collective agreements from all four unions (CUPE, NSGEU, Unifor and NSNU) in the acute care and community care sectors. This was made necessary when the provincial Liberal government created a single provincial health authority.

Despite the progress, a number of very significant items remain outstanding including job posting, job security, sick leave, group benefits, retiree benefits, vacation scheduling, leaves, overtime, hours of work and more. This remains a long and challenging process but the Council of Health Care Unions is working well together to make sure progress continues, on your behalf.

The task was made much more difficult when the provincial Liberal government enacted legislation freezing the retirement allowance for members an imposing wage restraint including two years of zero per cent increases.

In the meantime, the Council of Health Care Unions continues to work toward completing an essential services agreement with the IWK and NSHA. This agreement is being negotiated for the first time and was required by another Liberal government piece of legislation. The legislation requires a high number of people to remain at work in the event of a strike, but leaves it to the parties to determine the exact numbers.

The essential services agreement covers all 6,500 health care bargaining unit members across the province, making it a very complex task. The Liberal legislation prohibits the health care unions from conducting a strike until an essential services agreement is reached. This has limited the Council’s leverage at the bargaining table, as it attempts to negotiate new collective agreements. Once the essential services negotiations are complete, in the coming months, the Council expects to make more progress in bargaining new collective agreements.

The employers’ essential services negotiators walked away from the table in the summer and have refused to come back. The Council expects to have an essential services plan completed before the end of the year. We believe the employers will return to the table to review the completed plan.

Health Care Update Nov 28 2017 pdf

Health Care Update Nov 28 2017 word doc