Benefit Coverage

Benefit Coverage

Northern Pulp Closure

CUPE has sought clarification from HANS with regard to members of the NSHA who may be on spousal benefit plans through Northern Pulp and who may lose benefit coverage as a result of layoffs.

It is our understanding that, members who lose coverage because their spouse is laid off, have 31 days from the date of loss of coverage to make application for enrolment in the HANS Plans without any need to submit medical evidence of good health to get coverage (i.e. no denial based on pre-existing conditions). After 31 days, medical evidence of good health is required and without it, coverage will likely be denied.

Please be advised any members in this situation initiate contact with the Benefits Department as soon as they become aware and not wait until the last minute.

Of note, our members would need to meet the basic eligibility minimum of being permanent 0.4 FTE.

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