Member Dependent Bursary 


Five (5) $500.00 Bursaries per Area for a total of 40 Bursaries for the Local per budget year.


CUPE Local 8920 MEMBER DEPENDENTS enrolled at an accredited Post-Secondary Institution for 2024- 2025 academic year and have never previously received a Bursary from CUPE Local 8920.


Application must be completed on this prescribed form no later than April 14th,2024 A random draw for Five Bursaries out of each Area will be held at the Annual General Membership meeting May 4th,2024.

    Application Form

    Part 1 – Dependent Information

    1. Name of Applicant:
    2. Email Address:
    3. Mailing Address:
    4. Telephone Number:
    5. Name of current school if applicable:
    6. Name of Post-Secondary Institution attending:
    7. Name of Degree or diploma you plan to obtain:

    Part 2 – CUPE Local 8920 Member Information

    1. Name of Member:
    2. Mailing Address:
    3. Telephone Number:
    4. Classification and Hospital Work Site/Department:
    5. Relationship to Dependent Applicant:
    6. Who is your Area Vice President:

    I certify that the foregoing information is correct and hereby give authorization to CUPE Local 8920 to verify any information on this application.

    Signature of Applicant:

    It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to ensure that the application is completed correctly, legibly and submitted by the deadline date. Late applications will not be considered.Click SEND below to submit your application to the CUPE 8920 office.
    Successful Candidate will provide CUPE local 8920 proof of enrolment of an accredited Post-Secondary Institution.