CUPE 8920 UPDATE TO MEMBERS – April 19, 2020

CUPE 8920 UPDATE TO MEMBERS – April 19, 2020

CUPE 8920 UPDATE TO MEMBERS – April 19, 2020

Today we are all feeling like trying times have become even more challenging with two more deaths related to Covid-19 at the Northwood nursing home and, of course, the extremely traumatic events of a gunman’s rampage resulting in excess of 10 people being killed including an RCMP officer and others being injured.

CUPE Local 8920 wants to express our heartache and deepest condolences to the families and communities impacted by this horrifying series of events.  We want to thank and send thoughts to first responders and law enforcement officers. We are also thinking of victims and their families.

Also, today Premier McNeil and Dr. Strang announced all staff from the Halifax Infirmary Covid Unit are being deployed to the Northwood Covid Unit via a Ministerial order from government.

Today we awoke with an assumption that we would be practicing what has become our new way of functioning in the world only to discover circumstances have changed again on many fronts.

At this time, it is important to take care of each other and yourselves.  Please ensure to access services via EFAP to assist with any types of struggles you may be trying to manage.  Employees and their family members can access this program at

I want to assure you, we are here for you and have never been more proud to represent you and the work you do.  This is a not a war you signed up to be part of yet you continue to hold the line and protect and serve Nova Scotians in need.  This is a debt none of us can repay for the sacrifice you are making.

Stay safe and ensure you are communicating concerns to the Employer and your Union Rep as we are working hard on your behalf to address your concerns and advocate for your safety.


In Solidarity,

Bev Strachan

President CUPE 8920

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