As you are aware by now, three presumptive cases of Covid-19 have been detected in Nova Scotia. These three cases are travel related. Government also announced today that schools across the province will be closed for two weeks following March Break.

The Executive of CUPE 8920, has canceled the upcoming Executive Board meetings to ensure that we are also following the recommendations around social distancing and only going to places as required. We are here for members as a resource and are working with NSHA and government to do what we can to help deliver information and assist when necessary.

In response to the HINI pandemic in 2009, Nova Scotia created the Good Neighbor Protocol. CUPE has recently renewed their commitment to this agreement. The agreement between the healthcare unions and the province will help ensure patients receive good care during an emergency by making it easier for providers to go where they are most needed. It protects the workers’ rights and ensures workers will be appropriately compensated and protected.

This situation is evolving and we will update you as information becomes available. Please be sure to become members of the CUPE8920 Facebook group as that will be the timeliest way to share information. If you have specific questions or circumstances please do not hesitate to reach out. Please ensure you are up to date with the releases that have been circulated over the last couple of days.

This is not negative or about creating panic but about everyone doing their part to ensure we protect those most vulnerable to negative outcomes. It is also about preserving our healthcare resources as best we can. We will have no real way to measure if we do too much with precautions but we certainly will have measures and realities if we do too little. This is about considering your neighbors, families, and friends. Take care of each other and take a deep breath. We’re all in this together.

I want to close by thanking all Acute Care workers. You are on the frontline of this pandemic and also have personal circumstances to consider. You are an inspiration to everyone and I thank you for your dedication to healthcare.

In Solidarity,

Bev Strachan

President CUPE 8920

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