Local 8920 Elections and Acclamation’s 2018

Local 8920 Elections and Acclamation’s 2018

Area Election Committee

As per Section 9 C of CUPE local 8920 By-Laws (approved Oct 2017)
A committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board, who, in conjunction with the CUPE National Representative, will process the nominations and prepare for the election, including the preparation of ballots for Executive Board positions. Members interested in being on the Elections Committee should express their interest to the Executive Board by March 1st of each year. Site elections will be dealt with by the Area Vice-President at the March meeting.

Following the rules of CUPE local 8920 By-Laws there is a need for an election committee to be formed in Area 4 and Area 8.

Any member with in these 2 Areas who wishes to put their name forward should do so before the March 1st deadline.

Please email your name and what Area you are from to

Thank you to all members who partake in their democratic right